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Asia's Leading Beauty-Artist For Women Who Wants More Love, Happiness and Expression

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Her Mission
To help women express their true beautiful & joyful self through the power of make-up..

Her Vision
To teach the art of make-up to 10,000 ladies in 10 countries over the next 10 years..

Yuko's Brief Background

 Growing up with humble beginnings, Yuko was born in Japan, Kyushu Imari City, Saga prefecture, in a family of farmers. Due to the hard work and struggle with a poor family background and as the only child, she aspired to find her passion and be successful in what she chooses to do..

After high school, Yuko went to Tokyo and was working 3-jobs at the same time.

However, she discovered her passion in acting/modelling and beauty make-up.

She worked her way up after years of juggling between part-time jobs to survive during weekdays and working on her passion, taking “small make-up projects”  on weekends, with almost no day offs for years..

The struggle did not end..

Whilst she continue to work, she decided to upgrade her skills and invested more of her time by training with one of the most recognized beauty make-up schools in Japan..

She later graduated and started to attract bigger clients!

Eventually, she attracted bigger projects and started working with the most prestige fashion-shows in the world “Paris Haute Couture Collection”.

Yuko now works with several other projects in make up which includes wedding companies, plays, experienced stages, music lives, TV, movies, traditional events and even teaching make up lessons and beauty demonstrations.

She is also the creator of “The 7-Steps Face-on makeup secrets”, which is a professional make-up course, teaching women to look beautiful, radiant and most importantly, to have more self-confidence by truly expressing themselves authentically, radiating their inner beauty and amplifying their attractiveness.

How does she do it?
She teaches her 7-Step Art System, through the power of internet, webinars, live seminar trainings and through individual coaching sessions..

Transformation Begins Here..
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Learn Yuko's "The Face-On Secret" 7 Secret Steps To Beautiful Transformation

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Key Benefits She Delivers

  • Help women to increase their self confidence, self esteem and self-worth
  • Gain the inner strength to express oneself authentically
  • Look more beautiful, vibrant and attractive
  • Attract the guy of your dreams
  • Look exactly the way you want yourself to be

Learn The BASIC Art of Beauty Make-Up [Worth US$97]

Having worked with one of the world's most prominent Fashion-shows, "Paris Collection", Yuko brings you step-by-step the basic fundamentals of beauty make-up.

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Transformation Begins Here..
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Learn Yuko's "The Face-On Secret" 7 Secret Steps To Beautiful Transformation

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Check out What others are saying about Yuko!

Every time I have worked with Yuko, I have learned to more and more trust her creative instincts. Her imaginative work always becomes key to our film and photography projects.

Mark Cowan
Producer, Kabuso Studios

I always admire aspiration to her work. She fly around Japan and abroad with outstanding energy.
In my wedding, she did a makeup and hair styling for me and dressing Kimono, also she made a speech on behalf of friends as well. it was the finish of the large satisfaction . She has good taste and skills, of course, The attentive consideration and the art of conversation which makes a place comfortable.Energetic person and wonderful counseling, she is a reliable make-up artist. So that a lot of ladies may receive Yuko's power and beautifulness!


Noriko Egashira, 江頭規子
Happy Bride who received Make Up From Yuko Imoto

I had the privilege to team up with Yuko-san on a floral avant-garde headshot photoshoot project while she was visiting Singapore recently in Jun 2016.

Yuko-san's dedication to her makeover art goes over and above beautifying the talent. She was consultative, adaptive and delivered high quality makeover and hair styling.

I do highly recommend Yuko-san to Photographers requiring skilled HMUA who can delivered above expectatioms. I will definitely welcome future opportunities to work with Yuko-san in my photoshoot projects.

We love hers works and will miss her greatly!

Photographer: SLRfotos (Raymomd)
Instagram: @SLR_fotos
Date: 5 Jun 2016

Slr Tan
Professional Photographer

I first met Yuko through the photographer I collaborated with, she was in Singapore for a holiday and was really willing to take many days out of her holiday here to do tedious makeup and hairdos for photoshoots. She's really polite, always punctual and is always cheerful, always trying her best to create your makeup and hairdo flawless. Very attentive and rightly humbly proud of her work, she's very hardworking, always checking and arranging disarray hair and makeup during the whole shoot.

And should I even mention, her work is awesome! Even the people that sees me everyday, says that these 2 times Yuko helped me with my makeup and hairdo, it was the best I looked ever. I even got so many admiring stares from the people I pass by on my way home! Hehes 😀

I really would sincerely thank Yuko for everything. 🙂

It is sad to see her leave Singapore, and she totally deserves a high praise and testimony from the people she worked with during her holiday here. I really wish Yuko a safe journey home and a prosperous career ahead as an awesome HMUA.

Really really hope to see you again soon Yuko!

Kah Yoke Low
Freelance Model, Singapore